Friday, September 3, 2010

Drink New York, Baby! Fairgoers beat the heat

Fox Run Vineyards' timely release of their Drink New York Riesling has proven to be a winner in helping fairgoers beat the heat of a four day stretch of 90 degree days. It has been the top selling wine in the Fox Run booth hands down. It is a perfectly balanced riesling that has been appealing to sweet and dry palates alike. The pairing of Drink New York with the NYS fair has been an added bonus.

Drink New York Riesling, Fox Run’s new value label, is medium sweet and packed with apricot, papaya and lime aromas. Rich and refreshing, it’s sure to be a hit with consumers seeking an affordable and delicious Finger Lakes Riesling. Discover why the critics are saying, "Drink New York, Baby!"

That quote, which is printed on the back of our label, comes from a 2001 Los Angeles Times article titled, "Who Makes the Best Riesling? New York, Baby" where the writer describes Finger Lakes wineries, including Fox Run, as "consistently producing Rieslings that can compete with the world's best."

Yum...this makes me want to chill down a bottle of our Drink New York Riesling for dinner tonight!

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  1. A very nice wine at an awesome pricepoint. Peter Bell has (once again) proven that he isa great winemaker. The balance in this wine is exactly what many customers are looking for. I hope this offering becomes a staple in NY winestores, I love selling it in mine.