Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Wishes and Excited Children

Hi there, and Merry Christmas.  
I’m writing to you from the sanctuary of my room.  
Outside, white lights are twinkling, carols are playing, a fire is burning brightly and two nearly delirious children are chanting, “Come on, Mom.  Can’t we open one?  Just one?   Mom?  Come on.  Please?  Mom?”  I hope the dresser I pushed against the door will keep them away. 
Just kidding, of course.  About the dresser, that is.  
We’re having a fantastic day, and I hope that you are as well.  In a few short hours, we’ll head over the river.  Two of my sisters are in town, one with husband and two year old little boy, Noah.   We’ll join my parents at their home where we’ll talk too loud and eat too much, and will certainly have some delicious wine to drink.
Kelby’s suggested pairing of lobster ravioli from the Ravioli Store matched with Fox Run Reserve Chardonnay sounded too tasty to pass up, so that is what we’ll be eating tonight—can’t wait.  We’ll also have some Fox Run Sparkling wine, which should pair well with the lobster because it is made from Chardonnay, and because according to immutable laws of nature, lobster and sparkling wine love each other.  
That’s all the news for today.  Sorry to be so brief, but it is a special day, and outside my barricade, two fabulous girls are waiting for me to spend it with them.  
To you and yours, from me and mine, and from all of us at Fox Run, we wish you the happiest holidays.  

Music of the Day:
  • Giacomo Puccini - Turandot; "Nessun Dorma" (as performed by the one and only Luciano Pavarotti):

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  1. Merry Xmas, Tricia to you, the girls and the entire Fox Run family!