Friday, February 4, 2011

A Mental Vacation From Winter

We live in such a visually beautiful much to be exploited by photos! I've been planning for the arrival of Spring and Summer of 2011 here at the winery, which made me go back and organize some photos from a shoot earlier this year.  This first photo is an absolute magazine cover taken by Glen Sanders, a photographer who has done lots of work for Wine Spectator

Winter in the Finger Lakes!

If only! How nice to remember the vineyards from only a few short (warm) months ago.

It was quite a chore leading the photographer around for 4 or 5 hours, but in the end we think it was worth every penny for these photos - especially in helping us escape the winter for a moment!  Take a look for yourself: 

Peter Bell and Tricia Renshaw
I had to make sure and “style” my subjects, although this one is pretty natural!
Winemaker and Assistant Winemaker
The last time we did this Peter and Tricia wore BRIGHT blue and
BRIGHT red t-shirts.  This works much better in our natural surroundings

Scott Osborn, President
Scott also makes a great subject (we styled him too).
What is this about?
Here, Scott is explaining how turkeys cling to the trellis and flap their wings
so that the grapes fall.  Before you know it two or three rows are stripped. 
Here Comes the Sun
What more could he ask for...
Ruth Osborn, Comptroller
...other than his beautiful wife, Ruth!

 John Kaiser, Vineyard Manager Extraordinaire
Our vineyard manager, however, was not entirely helpful…
he just does not want his picture taken.

 Peter Howe, Winery/Vineyard Wunderkind
Pete Howe is always moving so you have to get him on the fly.

Winemaker, or wine glass holder?
Peter, frankly, would be the first to admit he can be a difficult subject.
 Taking a sample in the Winery
Glen, however, did an amazing job capturing what
I think are some totally natural expressions from Peter.

 10,000 Watt Smile
And then there is always lovely Tricia...
 Tasting in the Winery
...never a bad photo of our Assistant Winemaker!

Finger Lakes or French Countryside?
All in all…a good day.

Of course there are the traditional vineyard photos – but what’s not to love? This property is stunning and certainly makes for a great subject.

By: Leslie Kroeger, Marketing Manager

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