Friday, March 25, 2011

There's No Telling Who You're Going to Meet in New Jersey

by Lauren Brunhofer, PR intern 

In college, there are two words that are very sacred to the average student: “Spring Break”. This week-long vacation is more than just a few days off from classes and academic responsibility. It is an opportunity to regain a sense of sanity after the seemingly endless duration of midterms. While some of us were lucky enough to venture off to a tropical oasis, I spent my Spring Break at home in everyone’s favorite state… New Jersey. Although I was unable to sip fruity drinks while sinking my toes into the sand, the weather was steadily above 50 degrees, which was paradise in comparison to the tundra of Geneva, NY.  

As any other work-driven college student would say, sleep is the ultimate luxury. So of course I spent a minimum of fifteen hours hibernating after countless all-nighters. Finally feeling somewhat rejuvenated towards the end of the week, St. Patrick’s Day seemed to be a good excuse to get together with my friends who were also home for break. Caught up in the festivities that are St. Patty’s Day, we found ourselves at a local pub. With staple Irish drinks being served -- Guinness, Jameson, and of course green beer -- this was not exactly an ideal pastime for an aspiring wine connoisseur.

More proof that men can't smile on cue
But as the night progressed, I found myself in a conversation with a fellow fan of wine. As I began to explain my internship at a winery in the Finger Lakes region, he immediately interrupted to ask if it was Fox Run. Overwhelmed with excitement, I was proud to say yes! The conversation continued about his wonderful tasting at the winery. “Everyone was so knowledgeable about each wine. They explained to me how each company’s wine is different because of their location on the lake. It was truly a great experience,” he stated. As the PR intern at Fox Run Vineyards, I made sure to ask how he had heard about us. It was then when he declared he is originally from Europe and heard about our award winning Riesling during his time in Germany.  
Astonished and impressed, I knew this encounter would make for a great blog post on our website. The last thing I had expected to occur during my Spring Break in New Jersey was to meet a European who has been to Fox Run Vineyards and is a fan of our Riesling! I had never been more proud to be a part of our marketing team here at the vineyards. It was truly inspiring to learn that Fox Run has fans all around the world!

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